Superman Chronicles Volume 1 and The Superhero Reader

For my first blog post in my English 495 class will be focusing on the image of Superman. After reading this comic I have a new understanding of Superman. One of the primary things that stuck out to me in this comic was how sexist and intense the life of Superman was. There were a handful of times when a task would be available and Lois Lane would ask if she could complete the task. At one point in the comic she is even told that this task was simply too important and would not be a fitting job for a lady. It seemed to make the character Superman a much more aggressive and angry person. Superman in this comic is a violent man. In Issue #4 Superman is dressing up like Tommy Burke and he stabs him with a hypodermic needle causing Tommy to fall unconsciousness. Clark Kent wanted so badly to play in Tommy’s position in football so resorted to drugging Tommy. Superman is much more showy in the comic and it is clear that even when he is Clark Kent playing football, he envisions himself playing as Superman. In Issue #8 when he is trying to stop Gimpy, the man who employs the teenagers to steal for him, he finds him and though Gimpy begs for forgiveness Superman makes it clear that he wants to mess with him and he just wants to “poke” him some more. The fact that Superman was so keen on beating up this man instead of speaking to him I think casts Superman in a very different light than many assume. Superman was the basis for all other Superheroes. In the Superhero Reader I thought the information concerning New York was very interesting. It talked about New York being a place of many superheroes. Whether it was Metropolis, or Gotham City, these places were all based on New York. Thank you for reading and please feel free to contribute by posting your opinions and comments.


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