Superman (con’t)

The dynamic between Superman and Lois I found very interesting. When Clark approaches Lois about how she is having feelings towards he almost seems surprised that she admits she does in fact have feelings for another. After stating that the one she cares for is Superman, Clark stumbles out of the room with his head held down. In the next panel Clark starts laughing about the entire situation. It is interesting to note how in many superhero stories that I recall, the superhero when in their everyday costumes, play games with peoples emotions. Clark knows that he is Superman and knows that Lois definitely has a thing for him, though Clark instead of being excited decides to be sad and disappointed even though he is still coming out on top. When he is Clark he is pursuing Lois and wants to be with her but when he is Superman he does not pursue her and eve refers to her as “lady” as apposed to her name. It is very hard to see Superman or Clark Kent’s true intentions towards Lois. The laughing at the situation shows that he really does not care about her feelings and is enjoying the action of toying with her emotions. Clark states that if he had stayed in the room with Lois for even another moment he would not have been able to control himself. Her dilemma is absolutely amusing to him and it is very confusing to continue to watch Superman act like this. It is almost maniacal of him to behave in this manner and it is interesting because growing up I never suspected Superman to behave in such a way. Since reading this comic it is interesting to look at the more current adaptations of the Superhero’s life and notice the dramatic changes in his character.


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