I find this book to be very exciting and fun to read due to the many different superhero story lines. Many of the first run comics that were thought up in the 1930s helped build the comic book industry into what it is today. “Supermen!” is able to provide its audience with the very best and most vivid of these first generation comics. It is a book that is absolutely crucial to all of those interested in the beginnings of the superheroes and the history of the comic book history. After reading a few different collections in this anthology it is clear how these comics were able to cast a lasting footprint in society. The comics issued in the book are full length, in full color and also accompanied by original covers. The extensive amount of background notes written by editor Greg Sadowski really helps to understand the true nature behind the comics and the superheroes in them. The compilation of these first generation superhero comics in “Supermen!” further explores the ways in which the earliest superheroes were really vigilantes who would utilize a no rule policy when fighting crime. Much like we saw when reading Superman the attitudes of the early superhero were mainly focused on them approaching the ongoing issue in a brutish and sometimes unnecessary fashion. Another thing I find very entertaining about this book is that throughout the superhero comic book history only a handful of characters were able to absolutely flourish in popularity, causing the hundreds of other masked heroes to slip into the unknown and forgotten. “Supermen!” consists of many of these classic comics providing these masked vigilantes to have a name once again. What is the most interesting about this book is the fact that reading through its pages is similar to funneling through your fathers old comic book stacks from his childhood, only its all in one book.


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