I was very excited to read Captain America as he has always been one of my favorite superheroes. I was happy to see that Captain America did not solely beat the villain in this comic for entertainment like in Superman. The death that occurs to the villain in this comic was due to his own mistake in becoming tangled in the laboratory equipment. It seems as if there is a new type of superhero being introduced in Captain America than there were in some of the supers in “Supermen!”. It is also interesting to note that in Captain America he does protect his identity to an extent and wants to keep his super self a secret so he makes Bucky promise to only share this information with each other. Most of my knowledge about superheroes came from films and TV shows growing up and in result I never remembered Captain America having a partner. I could not tell if I was just being biased but I found the Captain America comic to be much more entertaining to read and to look at. Though I know it is only the first issue I can already tell that this comic will be a great read throughout. The one aspect of comic books that always made me a little disinterested was the artwork. In the Phantom Lady comic, the artwork reflects the kind that I never was able to completely appreciate. The sketch book look of these comics makes it difficult for me to stay interested throughout the entire comic. I also found Phantom Lady to be a little boring. There was a lot of story but I thought the plot was only decent and the ultimate solution was disappointing. She only seems to have one weapon at her disposal and it simply blinds her enemies, yet at the end of the comic she had misplaced it and had to use her jui jitsu to fight her way through her enemies grasp.


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