The Origin Story Of Superman

I really enjoyed the origin stories of Superman. The original black and white version was my most likely my favorite. I liked how simple and short it was. Superman #146 I felt was very crowded and hard to read. I never knew Superman’s origin story so this was a very interesting read. I also did not realize that when Krypton exploded it formed Kryptonite. I thought that it was strange in both comics how Superman is very simple even compared to earthlings. In the black and white comic his only form of communication is when the baby Superman says  “Gooo”. In Superman #146 he is a little older when traveling to Earth but still speaks as an infant. I also found the order of the columns to be in a strange order, or I was reading them incorrectly because there were times I would read the scene with Superman as a baby and the next square would show Superman as an adult only to cut back to the baby column after that as well. Superman is a being from a much more advanced planet but other than his powers, as a baby, no one would know. I like the version when his parents die and his father gives him the advice to become the hero of the city, it felt more complete and real having a loved one utter his last wishes to his son. It was almost Spiderman like and I think provides Superman with more drive to fight against the power of evil and make sure that he always thought of his dad while pursuing these villains. I have always been a Batman fan and I thought that it was interesting that they were portrayed as close friends. With all close friends there is a common element which always seems to find its way between the two and that is competition. I think both DC and Marvel benefitted from this. Thanks for reading my post and feel free to comment.


One thought on “The Origin Story Of Superman

  1. Yes, the depth of character introduced in Superman’s origin adds an element to these comics that was necessary. Superman was originally introduced as an alien who had some inherent instinct to fight crime and stand for social justice. His motive was almost fake, it seems. With the elaboration of his life before fighting crime, and the unveiling of his foster parents as the center of motive, Superman reveals a real reason and purpose for what he does. He gives the reader satisfaction in knowing Superman to a deeper extent than before.


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