Hey guys, this post will be focusing on the spoof comic of Superduperman. “Superduperman” is a satirical story which parallels the plot of Superman. The main character is Clark Bent and he works at the Daily Dirt Newspaper. Clark Bent is an assistant to a copy boy and tries as well as fails to win over Lois Pain, a clear parody of Lois Lane. I thought the colors used in this comic was very interesting as the previous comics we read looked a lot more vibrant and in your face. In Superduperman, there are a lot of intense black lines and the colors seem as if they are muted. Each column definitely has a very busy background and sometimes it makes it very difficult to focus. There are so many messages all over the page which makes it very easy to wander away from reading the thought bubbles and paying more attention to the small signs on the buildings. My favorite parts of the comic were most definitely when he transforms into Superduperman. When the first phone booth is occupied. Also I found it very funny that once an available phone booth is found there seems to be a handful of clothes to take off before becoming the amazing Superduperman. I will have to admit as much as I did not become truly invested in this comic one part made me laugh out loud. When Captain Marbles is introduced and Superduperman attempts to punch him, only to find that his strength is no match for Captain Marbles, Superduperman states, “Pastafazoola! I gave him a blow hard enough to slay a thousand elephants!” I am Italian and pasta fazool is a dish my grandmother would make for me every weekend. I found it to be the most random statement and very funny. If it weren’t for that comment I would not have checked back in to this comic.


One thought on “SUPERDUPERMAN

  1. I like your analysis of the colors and the lines used in drawing the comic. I agree with you that there were a lot more thick black lines separating characters and things within the panels that are not necessarily found in Superman comics. Personally, I thought that this comic was really funny, as it does spoof a lot of Superman’s insecurities (such as when he punches Captain Marbles and it doesn’t affect him at all).


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