Batman Chronicles

Batman has always been my favorite superhero. I have always enjoyed reading or watching Bruce Wayne in the day and then the Batman at night. These comics made me feel the same about Batman and I am not sure if it is solely my bias but so far in this course these are my favorite comics. I have always loved the fact that Batman was a crusader who simply wanted to help his city because he knew he could. Even without super powers, Bruce Wayne is the type brave enough, and rich enough to do whatever he finds necessary. In “The Case of The Chemical Syndicate” I thought that it was interesting how Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne are instantly buddies, and not just the kind that pass by one another and say hi, but they were both enjoying a drink and sitting in what looked to be the Commissioner’s home. One thing that always bothered me about Batman is that throughout his stories in the comics and in the films as well, Bruce Wayne spends a lot of time with a handful of important people. I never understood why neither of them ever noticed that Bruce Wayne was the Batman, even when his mask is not fully covering his face. Not only was Batman, and still is, my favorite superhero but I would also argue that his story also has the best villain in history, The Joker. The Joker has always been Batman’s greatest foe and in these comics it is no different. I was excited to see if maybe Batman would display more anger when fighting the Joker, but just like I expected even when he does beat the Joker, he felt entitled to save his life rather than letting him fall. The Joker chapter was absolutely my favorite in the entire book as there is no other villain that leaves his victims dead with a devilish grin.


One thought on “Batman Chronicles

  1. I find it interesting that you touched on Batman’s moral compass. I also think this is an interesting topic especially when fighting the Joker. I compared this to the earlier chapters of the batman when he let some character die and basically said “good riddance”. Later when fighting the Joker it seems that the writers nailed down the formula that would exist to present day. The dichotomy and the route they could have taken is interesting though.


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