Robin, The Joker, and Batman

I did not have a straight answer to whether or not i was a Robin fan when asked. Yes I think Robin is cool sometimes, but I now think that I would not miss his character if he never showed up. i think Robin is reckless and too disobedient to work with someone like Batman. I tend to think that a lot of the trouble Batman finds himself in is usually amplified by something Robin does that he should not be doing. I do not understand why Robin for example would throw rocks at what looks to be a big statue on an alien planet. Maybe Robin is just a way to have someone there in order to take the torch when it is passed. The Joker comic was my favorite of the readings as I love the Joker so much, i might be more of a fan of his than Batman himself. We see a lot of trademarks come to life in this comic that we did not see as much in the first Batman chronicles. First, the bat signal is coming into play and that is interesting that it was not in the original comics. With the Joker, I do not recall his joker playing card being present in panels nearly as much. Another key aspect in these comics is that we start to see the pattern that the Joker will be repeating for a while in Batman, he never dies. The Joker is one of those characters you expect to always come back, but then again maybe readers always wanted the Joker back. He is Batman’s greatest foe and challenger and whenever he is involved, you can guarantee that Batman will have to display his A-game. Yet, we see Batman become outwitted by the Joker very often. The Joker displays the common mistakes of many of the villains in these comics and its that he never just wants to kill Batman, but would rather torment him, but Batman always escapes.


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