The Legendary Green Hornet

The superhero comic I choose to follow was the Legendary Green Hornet written by Daryl Gregory. I have always loved the Green Hornet and I think it is due to his similarities with Batman, my favorite. I like how Green Hornet always had gadgets and also Kato who I find to be different in each interpretation. More inconsistent than Kato, is the Green Hornet. I have seen some comics that make him far superior than others in combat skills but one thing remains the same, Kato seems to be the one really driving the ship. In this comic, the two are chasing down a group of bandits who are terrorizing the city. I really liked the illustrations in this comic as they were vivid, extremely colorful and detailed. The thin and thick black lines bordering all of the panels really make the color pop and even the thought bubbles are in different colors. This comic is absolutely a lot to grasp at first in result. I was surprised to see that this comic was extremely graphic as well. There were panels of great detail showing a man getting his throat cut and bleeding out and it was something I was not expecting in this comic. It really is a dark take on the Green Hornet, but very intriguing throughout. There is a style to this comic that I fell in love with right away and that is steam punk. The city seems to have a steam punk feel as well as the weapons used by the duo and their foes. Weapons are another very cool thing about this crusader as he always has some sort of gas gun while Kato uses ninja stars and big whips to compliment his incredible martial arts. The one thing I was looking forward to which never came was the infamous Green Hornet car. There was no sign of it in this issue, which is issue number 1 so I am definitely looking forward to reading more. In comparison to what we have been reading I would say this could be my favorite of the bunch. They style is interesting, the illustrations suck you in, and the comic is short enough to want more and long enough to give you a decent enough story.

As far as weapons and gadgets go, the only ones present were the ones previously discussed but there were hints by Kato that there would be others involved and some in the works. My only complaint, if I had to be transparent, would be that it was a little short. The writers did well to fit important information and there were not many times where I felt lost but by the end of the comic I was ready for more. I will definitely be following this comic and looking forward to seeing what happens next. “The Clockwork Cathedral” is the next issue and the bad guy looks very cool and I can’t wait to see how he goes down, or not.  I just hope this next issue is longer. Thanks for reading guys.


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