WCI and Batman

It truly is amazing how the comic book industry has been through a series of vast decline as well as rapid growth during its history. Thinking about how powerful the Batman “boom” was it is easy to imagine how a business such as the comic book industry or even the studio’s could experience such up and down cycles. This article really went into depth about the importance of we the people truly understanding the media. Many times the term “show business” was mentioned in the article to emphasize the contradictions and I find that it is extremely important that while people find …”fascination with the highly visible show,let us not overlook the less visible business that ultimately shapes, constructs, recycles, breaks out and distributes the show for a profit” (Meehan 62). There would be no show without the business aspect and with the business side, these shows are constructed towards business advantages and profit. It is so easy to forget the goals of a capitalistic media while the majority of the time we in society are focused solely on the “show” aspect. As someone who has grown up in a family all involved with entertainment, it was even interesting to me the methods that WCI would entertain to ensure a profit. This article really made me question the passion of those people working in the studio’s and in the media. I do believe that there is something to be said about a character like Batman taking a nation by storm. It calls for a deeper look into the culture driving the stories on and the culture craving more exposure. Unfortunately, after reading this article it has become clear that the business aspect of things is more important. All work and no play seems to be the recipe to success and this article makes it clear that everything is part of a giant formula for profit.


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