Gotham city is absolutely one of the more recognizable locations of any false place. Regardless if it is supposed to represent New York, if anyone on the street were to ask you about Gotham city, the majority of the population would know what it is in reference to. There was a lot of very interesting information in this article about the importance, or significance of Gotham city specifically in regards to the franchise of Batman. I thought that what was most interesting was that it is noted that Gotham is a necessity for Batman as it is due to Gotham’s malevolent nature that readers are able to cope with the sometimes over reacting actions from Batman. The article states, “Gotham City is a trademarked term; it is the site of an origin myth and generator of a related iterative narrative; and it is both setting and condition for the Batman’s Sisyphean struggle to extract justice from irrepressible criminal underclass” (128). This line makes me feel that if there was no Gotham in Batman, the franchise would not be as popular. It seems as though Gotham is the key to the story and the actions that take place. I remember when watching the first Dark Knight film by Christopher Nolan, and there is a scene when Rachel takes Bruce down into the ghetto part of town, she is trying to show him how corrupt the city has become. The entire scene shows Gotham at its worst and now looking back, I realize that it may have been the most if not one of the most crucial plot points in the film. Without the knowledge of Gotham’s corruptness and the rest of the city’s evil features, the audience have nothing to compare to Batman’s actions. From what the article is stating, it seems that without a crime filled Gotham, Batman does not succeed and I do not know how I feel about that.


2 thoughts on “GOTHAM

  1. It seems like the scary setting of Gotham is made into a less frightening place to the reader as a result of Batman instilling fear into the criminals of the streets. When young Bruce is afflicted with the death of his parents in a dark alley of Gotham, the reader is terrified by the way this scene unfolds. But Bruce embraces his fear of crime and returns the favor, making the image of the urban underworld less intimidating than it was before.


  2. I agree with your analysis of the scene you mentioned from The Dark Knight. Bruce must be in touch with how corrupt the city is in order to keep up his motivation. As such a huge part of his existence, namely the origin of Batman, is directly tied to Gotham, without it there would be no reason for Batman. I think the scene you’re referring to brings Bruce back to his roots and back to what his true mission is.


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