Wonder Woman

Gloria Steinem’s essay was a wonderful read and very interesting. She really viewed America as a male dominant culture, but who could really blame her. She seems as though she had a very powerful vision of one day seeing equal opportunities for both men and women. When she speaks of comics pre Wonder Woman, there was not much that she could relate or look up to. It seems as though she was always waiting for that one special comic to change the tides. Then came Wonder Woman which to Steinem, was “irresistible”. Being the first female superhero Steinem really emphasized how much she loved Wonder Woman for being a symbol of empowerment towards women. It was the first role model she felt comfortable looking up to while also feeling good about being a woman. Steinem was definitely not the only one to feel this way about Wonder Woman as those comics were flying off of the shelves in its day. Wonder Woman was so influential and it aided feminists like Steinem to want to take advantage of more opportunities. I think comics like Wonder Women are vital to understanding aspects of society. I find it interesting that someone like Steinem growing up would be waiting for years to find that hero, or character that she could relate or look up to. I always seemed to find many characters, or superheroes to relate to. However, I am sure it is different for me because I am not a female growing up in a male dominant society. I am curious about how women today look at Wonder Woman, and if they think that maybe she was too masculine or not enough. It seems to me that Wonder Woman, at least during her beginnings, was the perfect mix between masculinity and femininity. I wonder which of the two people in society would rather view in comics. Thanks for reading, looking forward to the feedback.


One thought on “Wonder Woman

  1. Before I read the Wonder Woman things for this week, my perception of Wonder Woman was that of a superhero that needed a man to help her. I never thought that she was very strong or independent. After reading Steinem’s essay I realized what power she truly did hold. I think I thought of Wonder Woman as being passive and too feminine because she became that way as the comics went on. In these early comics I don’t see her as being too masculine. I agree with your assessment that early on Wonder Woman was a great mix of masculine and feminine.


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