Secret Skin

I thought the article “Batman, Deviance and Camp” by Andy Medhurst was incredibly interesting. I thought that the information regarding the reader’s perspective was especially interesting. Many times when reading stories or new material I find myself taking different perspectives each read through. Chabon’s essay on “Secret Skin” I found was extremely interesting as well. Chabon presented the argument that we idolize our heroes for the wrong reasons. Chabon argued that instead of dressing up like our heroes at our conventions we should be mimicking what our heroes represent. We as a society should focus more on finding our true identities because after all is said and done that is what our heroes represent in us. Batman does not answer to anyone and he establishes his true identity when he puts on his bat suit. We should all strive to find our own bat suit. I find it to be excruciating to think of a young boy losing his life because he so desperately believed he was Superman. I feel like this is a hard topic to address as it brings up many arguments for and against superheroes. If we limit a child’s imagination and tell them that superheroes are not real and that they are not able to be like them, then we deny them some of the experience, which makes being a kid so fun. I wanted to talk about the Wonder Woman picture we viewed today in class and say that I found it to be not inappropriate nor appropriate. I think it depends more on who the audience is. Throughout history I think there has been one true fact about marketing and selling product, sex sells. So it might not be appropriate for children seeking a regular Wonder Woman comic, but I do not think that images like this should be banned nor frowned upon.


One thought on “Secret Skin

  1. I also found this essay extremely interesting. I thought his argument that comics don’t prepare children for the real world was interesting, but I didn’t agree with it. I think that your description about everyone finding their own superhero skin makes sense and also does indeed help people prepare for reality. Not only does letting kids have their imagination when they are young fun, but it also teaches them so much about themselves and the world.


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