The Last Amazon

Today I would like to talk about Jill Lepore’s “The Last Amazon: Wonder Woman Returns” and how Lepore brought to light many aspects from Wonder Woman’s beginnings to her current position in the superhero world. Wonder Woman began as not only a superhero but the first female superhero. She stood as much more than the first female superhero. Lepore explains that Wonder Woman was meant to be a symbol for women’s strength. This was a turning point in society and young children were, mostly girls, needed an example to look up to. Women in society were not given fair or equal opportunities and Wonder Woman was going to be the symbol of justice correcting this. And still, Wonder Woman’s sales, though started very strong and progressive, somehow began to drop in sales almost to the point of cancellation. There was a comparison between films made over the years, and Wonder Woman has not come close to the mark. It seems as if there are plenty capable actresses in Hollywood that a Wonder Woman film would be a great opportunity. In Ben Saunders’ “Wonder Woman: Bondage and Liberation” he writes, “…Hollywood starlet Megan Fox dismissed the character as ‘lame’ when asked if she would consider playing the part” (1). It seems extraordinary that a figure such as Wonder Woman, even with all of her influence on women in society could be seen as “lame” to women. For a popular actress in Hollywood to refuse to play perhaps the most empowering female figure seems strange. Where does the franchise stand if the film was not made? I think that comics are still very popular but not enough to make a difference in I however think that a film would do exponentially well for the fans of Wonder Woman as well as the franchise.


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