Spiderman #31

Hey guys, thank you for reading my post. Today I will be writing about Spiderman #31. Spiderman in #31 seems to be a very different animal then in #1. Of course this is to be expected as the character always needs time to adapt but reading #31 was much more entertaining to me and engaging. Right in the beginning of this comic Spiderman is in the middle of trying to bring a helicopter filled with villains out of the sky. As soon as he makes an entrance he is not the “hey look what i can do” Spiderman which we saw a lot of in #1 but instead he is our friendly neighborhood Spiderman, here to save the day. The tone alone in this comic is much smoother and more fun as you read. In his attempt to bring the helicopter down he realizes that the fumes from the gas the villains had been pouring on him were making him dizzy and disoriented. Here we see Spiderman actually become doubtful of his skills to maneuver out of this situation. Once he made it away safely he thanks his Spiderman agility and proceeds on to go save the villains who had just crashed. His costume is noticeably different, as the webbing from underneath his arms is no longer present and the suit seems to be more vibrant and colorful than the first. Then, aunt May comes into play which seems to be the pattern in Spiderman comics. Aunt May is Spiderman’s kryptonite, his only weakness. The humble Spiderman after thinking about his poor aunt May in the hospital can’t fathom the thought that despite all of his abilities and strength, that he is unable to help her. Something that bothered me was when Spiderman could not find any crime in the city he took off his mask before returning home. I find that to be surprising and foolish for someone who is trying to hide his identity as well as protect his aunt who is in a public hospital. Thank you for reading and I look forward to your comments.


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