Spidey #1

Hey guys, thanks for tuning in to my blog. Today I will be discussing Spiderman #1. I thought it was very interesting in Spiderman #1 how Peter always refers to the things that Spiderman can do. It seems to never be what he, Peter Parker can do, but that he will save the day and only in a way which Spiderman can do. There seems to be a almost obsession about his adventures as Spiderman. He is always saying things such as, “watch what I can do” and “I’ve got to reach the missile control center… the way that only Spiderman can take!” and it all seems very self consumed. It seems as though the only thing holding him back from being a crazy vigilante/villain is his aunt May. When Peter overhears that the rent will be do and aunt May is unable to pay on time, Peter immediately starts coming up with ways to earn some money. That was Peter’s mentality, but Spiderman’s mentality was to go and o whatever he liked in order to get the money. He imagines being able to rob any bank or steal any money because of Spiderman’s capabilities, and yet the only thing that stopped him from doing so was that he did not want to upset his aunt. This makes me think, without aunt May would Spiderman do bad things? Maybe without aunt May in the picture the death of his beloved uncle Ben would have made Peter so enraged that when he finally transformed into Spiderman he would have been a murderous villain. I think that this alternative story is extremely plausible and also intriguing. I also really liked the webbing under his arms on his costume in this comic as it looked really cool and almost like a wing suit. Thanks for reading, looking forward to the comments.


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