The Avengers #4

The dynamic between the superheroes in this issue is very interesting as well as entertaining to me as I have recently watched the Avengers film from a few years ago. I find it interesting that though he was frozen for decades, he only seemed to forget momentarily that he was not where he thought. He awakes with the idea that he still needs to save Bucky but moments later realizes that Bucky is dead and its too late. I liked how in the beginning of the comic the Avengers are standing and telling Captain America that his rightful place is with them. As many of us know, in the most recent blockbuster film, it seems as though the egos of the superheroes interfere more than not with them accomplishing even miniature tasks. We spoke about the importance of Captain America’s return to the world in class and I find it interesting that essentially Captain America is yet another struggling vet coming to terms with what he has gone through and what he has done. In the film Captain America hardly wants to look Fury in the eyes as he really is not attempting to accept another mission. In the comic, as soon as he recollects who he is he mentions how he is not lucky enough to have forgotten. This reaction causes me to almost feel sad for Captain America. A man, a soldier with a burden on his shoulders which he fears will never be rid of him. Captain America has never been one of my favorites but after reading the first few avengers and seeing Captain America join the ranks, it makes me feel a little more for him. Captain America in the films seems to be a little softer of a character than in the comics as immediately after being defrosted like a TV meal, he is willing and able to take on four heroes by himself. That is a pretty impressive feat and leads me to bump Captain America up a spot in my books. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a pleasant weekend.


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