The Green Hornet Issue #2

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning into my blog. Today I wanted to talk about the second issue of the comic book series that I started following called the Green Hornet Steampunk edition and so far I have enjoyed reading them but it is becoming clear what kind of series this is. This series is all done in steampunk style so the art is very unique and one of a kind. The first issue that I wrote about I remember being very excited and enjoying the read very much. I thought the plot was sufficient enough, the costumes were awesome, the villains were evil enough and of course the rest of the artwork was incredible. In this second issue many of the aspects are the same. The plot is decent enough though while reading through the pages I notice that much of the plot is vague. We see the villains trying to take over the city as well as get rid of the Green Hornet and his right hand man Kato but there is hardly any time spent going over any details of any of the characters plans. Overall, it seems as if the underground gangs are tearing themselves apart in the city and as long as there are no harmed innocents, Green Hornet is not that concerned. Things tend to happen at the blink of an eye in this issue as one minute the dynamic duo are preparing to take over the villainous plague and the next they are already on the attack. An issue that I am starting to have is that it is becoming more clear that this comic is more concerned with the art than the story. Not to say that is what the developers were aiming for but it seems as though as of right now the first issue was engaging and this second one is much more action and a lot less discussion. It is becoming clear that this comic is not about being serious and ending crime. This comic answers the call to all of those fans who want to see action and cool costumed vigilantes driving the most bad ass vehicles. This is a series of two guys rolling around town and taking care of of the innocent citizens in the city. Now that I have come to this conclusion about this series I think that I will enjoy reading them more as I will not be attempting to dissect them as much. This comic ultimately results in a good, clean, fun series action packed and in my opinion filled with some of the most vibrant and creative art that has been illustrated in comics as of late. I am excited to read the next issue and I think that I will be continuing to read on after that as well. I am hoping that there are many to be published in the near future. Thank you for reading my blog and I am looking forward to hearing your comments as well as reading about the comics series that everyone else is blogging about.


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