X-Men #59

All of the X-Men comics so far have proven to be extremely entertaining. There is always a lot of action and the plots are consistent. In this issue sentinels arrests Iceman, Lorna Dane, Angel and Havok. This issue sends us along with Marvel Girl and Cyclops as they try to save their friends from the sentinels headquarters. This issue gets a  big thumbs up from me because it was loaded with action. Readers follow our crime fighting friends as Beast, Cyclops and Marvel Girl storm the fortress to save their friends from execution. At one point they even try and disguise themselves to throw off the sentinels. Everything in these comics works the way it should. The art in these comics is very detailed and each panel is different from the others. Each of the X-Men comics have a lot of background to cover in their issues and somehow they manage to stuff their pages with this information without making it too congested feeling. It is no wonder why the X-Men franchise still today is so popular as I find that if I was given X-Men comics when I was younger I absolutely would have been a bigger fan of both X-Men and comics. What is different about this issue than previous ones is that Scott Summers is essentially for the first time acting like a true leader. It is interesting to note in the X-Men films though Cyclops is a character of seniority at the school, many times he does not have the respect from the other X-Men. He is a leader but does not always believe it himself. The same thing is observed in the comics as he usually is posing as the leader but in this issue he definitely takes the initiative. I have always seen Cyclops as the “know it all” who just wants to be liked and looked up to, and in this issue he is doing much less of that and more of what his character should have always done.


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