Batman Begins

As a long term Batman fan, I find myself to be quite critical when reading or watching any new material in reference to him. The Christopher Nolan film “Batman Begins” was included in this category as I remember being extremely nervous about the outcome of the film. Growing up I watched and owned all of the Batman movies starring actors such as Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney. All of them I liked for various aspects but none I felt had a complete grasp on the characters of Bruce Wayne and Batman. After watching Batman Begins with Christian Bale it is clear that this Batman is one the world had not been introduced to yet. Upon the first half hour of the film I was entranced and noticed that there were more than a few aspects in the film that made it stand alone from the previous films. First of all, the film felt and looked as if there was a grey lens over the camera as the tone and feel of the film felt extremely dark. The only moment the film portrayed a vibrant Gotham and Bruce Wayne was when Bruce is a young man and attending the opera with his parents. During this ten, or so, minute sequence we notice as Gotham is being built up as a result of Bruce’s father making monumental changes to the cities infrastructure. As soon as the parents are murdered the entire image of the film switches to a dark and gloomy setting. I find it interesting that Bale was able to offer so much more depth to the character than the previous actors. Michael Keaton was, I thought, a great Batman and represented a good representation of the Bruce Wayne/Batman during the 1940s, yet lacked depth. Keaton’s character was extremely guarded and closed off. Bale’s interpretation of Wayne and Batman was quite the opposite as both of his characters were incredible exposed and it has created the staple for which Batman should be played. In Batman Begins we follow Bale as he torments himself on what is right and what is wrong, if he should be this masked vigilante vs if he should not. Every move he makes regardless of its as Bruce Wayne or Batman is one that is full of intensity mentally and physically. Personally for me this is why I tend to enjoy films more than comics because I feel more from the screen than from the paper. The suit that Bale is given is probably the most “masculine” of all films or comics as many of the classic comics show Batman in a sort of blue outfit and the earlier Batman films even had yellow incorporated in his symbol and utility belt. Bale’s Batman was head to toe in black and they even gave him a voice scrambler to disguise his voice which I had never seen before in previous films or comics. Originally when watching the film I hated the mic that Bale wears as he is Batman but the more I have watched the film, the more I came to the conclusion that it is very appropriate for his character and for the film. The film is dark, intense, aggressive and complete in its interpretation of a corrupt Gotham and a struggling Bruce Wayne/Batman trying to emerge as a hero to both the people of Gotham and the viewers at home watching.


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