Watchmen Chapter 7

I found chapter 7 to be interesting because of the dynamic between Dan and Laurie and the passion that is clearly fueling their lives. They both seem very involved with each other and from the start of this chapter it seems as though there is tension. Laurie is very impressed with all of his gadgets, almost too much, just like he goes out of his way to make sure all of her needs are met. There are clear signs from the start that these two are going to be active in each others lives. The various frames where there are either goggles or the windows of archie are very interesting because at first it seems as if there might be someone looking in on their conversations. There are times when Dan is admiring his suit and the next frame will show a goggle showing the reflection of what is going on. These types of illustrations make me feel like we are seeing the image through Dan. There are a couple of times where he will look at the costume and the reflection would show Laurie doing something or responding to something he said, furthering his admiration of her. Like with Rorschach, Dan is most definitely consumed by his hero identity as he has what seems to be hundreds of gadgets lying around along with numerous suits fitted for different activities. He is so consumed that it took him saving the lives of some tenants from a building fire for him to feel restored or more confident. After saving the lives of those people, against the law as well, all of a sudden Dan is reborn and is ready to make up for the events that had started taking place earlier with Laurie. Minutes after their “mission” Dan states, “I feel so confident it’s like I’m on fire” (28). And with his new found confidence he starts planning for his next task, to free Rorschach. Thanks for reading my post. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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