Watchmen Chapter V

Rorschach is definitely my favorite character in the graphic novel. I remember upon seeing the film I was immediately taken by the mask and thought it was really cool and different. In the film the audience kind of gets a “Dark Knight” feel for him as he has that deep voice and is a bad ass. Reading Rorschach’s journals I think give the graphic novel a new approach. It feels like a detective comic when reading his journals and the illustrations behind them are always very cool to look at. I imagine really faint jazz music playing when reading through his journals, and I know that is weird but it is the vibe I get with these journals. His character is completely devoted to the vigilante life and because of it the readers witness as Rorschach absorbs every bit of his surroundings. He states in one of his journals, “This city is an animal fierce and complicated. To understand it I read its droppings, its scents, the movement of its parasites… I sat watching the trashcan and New York opened its heart to me” (11). His back story is brutal and his lifestyle is still. I noticed in the art in this chapter there were a lot of weird ink blots in the back ground of various papers, newspapers, or walls. They all resemble the ink blot style on his mask and on the letter or notes he would leave. His entire world revolves around the idea and essence of “Rorschach”. It is because of this that he refuses to stop his “duty” even if that means facing the law. As he prepares his outfit he states, “Putting them on, I abandoned my disguise and became myself, free from fear or weakness or lust” (18). He really is simply Rorschach and no one else and I find myself waiting constantly as I read on to find the parts with him. Thank you for reading my post, looking forward to your comments.


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