Considering Watchmen

Watchmen will forever go down in history as one of the more influential graphic novels. This graphic novel not only broke the boundaries aesthetically but also help influence the change over for future comics and graphic novels. In Andrew Hoberek’s Considering Watchmen, it is clear that Watchmen’s influence on the superhero and the comic book industry are still present. I found it very interesting that Hoberek mentioned that Watchmen did not solely influence the comic and graphic novel industry but literature as a whole. It is Hoberek who makes the argument that Watchmen was proof that comic books and graphic novels could hold their own in the realm of literature. This I personally find to be very true as after completing Watchmen I found myself wanting to read it over again. Watchmen, I think paved the way for new younger writers who might have been searching for that new step to take. Hoberek gave praise to Watchmen for being a complete, well argued series of themes that all somehow relate and intermesh with one another. I wonder how many writers have read this graphic novel and how reading Watchmen would change their opinions about the way they write. It seems as though Watchmen will forever be the standard or the golden ticket and there would be no reason to not attempt to follow in its footsteps for these future writers. I also really like the word bubbles on the front of the book which state, “Poetics, Property, Politics” because I think it sums up the graphic novel and the context within its pages. This graphic novel really encompasses all three in such a way that is unique and still current to this day. I think that it is awesome that some graphic novels and comic books could be considered at the forefront of literature. Thanks or reading my post, I hope to hear your opinions of Considering Watchmen soon.


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