Ms. Marvel

I think that this read was one of the more fun stories that we have read in class. I found myself flipping through the pages faster and faster and a lot had to do with the artwork. I sometimes go back and forth in regards to whether or not I prefer more cartoon like illustrations or the more realistic images. This comic i think utilizes both styles but also offers almost an anime like vibe. Also coming from just finishing Watchmen which was filled to its capacity with pictures, images, word bubbles and more, Ms. Marvel was a simpler comic to read and understand. I thought that the dilemma that she faces with her two identities is interesting and also very superhero like. I myself never had to experience being a first generation in a new country or attempt to merge traditions with new cultural ways. It sounds like it would be a very frustrating thing as well as difficult, especially for someone who is as impressionable as a teenager. Kamala is undergoing the normal teenage struggle which is a mix between thinking you know who you are, and then trying to be someone else. I think if one were to examine this comic further they could relate her changing from a teenager to a superhero as her changing from a girl to a young woman. I would like to address the importance of not only having a strong female lead but also she is young and impressionable while also being of Pakistani decent as opposed to the majority which would be a white teenage girl fighting crime. I think that it is very important that comics like these are being produced more and more and receiving great attention as well. I think this comic was a nice step forward for the comic book industry and I would love to continue to follow it. Thank you for reading my post and I look forward to reading your comments.


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