My Superhero

This is a story of a young mutant boy named Jack Hunt. All of his life, even before he knew he was a mutant, Jack was an outsider. Raised by a single mother in the slums of New Jersey, Jack was used to constant confrontation and also avoiding it. Bullied at school and without friends Jack searched for companionship in his toys. Of his toys, his favorites were his soldiers. With his soldiers Jack would create mock wars and battles. These wars Jack started with his toys always fascinated him and he always imagined he too was a soldier marching down the frontlines. But Jack was smaller and weaker which made him not actually enlist. At school many made fun of Jack for not having friends, and the bigger kids at school would bully him daily. One day at school Jack was minding his own business playing with one of his soldiers on the playground. Billy Strong, the class bully, came up to Jack and without a word took the soldier away from Jack claiming that it was his now. When Jack attempts to grab his soldier back Billy punches Jack in the face knocking him to the ground. Billy laughed as he walked away with the toy. As Jack sat on the ground with tears starting to form he gazes over at Billy who is holding the soldier in his hand. Jack begins to feel enraged, and starts to concentrate on the soldier itself. He thought to himself “If only I could command the soldier to fight for me”. Within that moment a loud cry was heard from the table Billy was sitting at and Billy is seen holding his hand that is now covered in blood. The toy soldier had stabbed him with his sword just as Jack had wanted. Jack shell-shocked by this could not wait to go home and see what else he could do. Though mutants did exist they were not popularly accepted as they were seen as freaks, but nevertheless, Jack wanted to keep using this gift again and again and again. It got to the point where all Jack could think about was leaving school and going home to practice with his powers. Months after discovering his special capabilities, Jack had honed in on his skills and realize that his powers were much more vast than originally anticipated. Jack had the power to re animate inanimate objects. As time went on Jack started to reanimate much bigger objects than toy soldiers and he was starting to come in to his own with his skill. Though no one else but him knew about his abilities Jack would practice with them whenever he could, making sure to be careful and to keep his secret safe.

One day while Jack was at school he was seen practicing his skills with his toys and because of this Jack was sent to the principals office and later expelled for being a confirmed mutant. Upon arriving home his mom sat Jack down to tell him how disappointed she was. It was then that she explained Jack’s father had been a mutant and she hoped that it hadn’t passed on. She wanted a normal son. Upset at his mother’s reaction Jack decided to run away with hopes that he would find a new home somewhere. He wanted to show the world that mutants are not freaks and they could be like anyone else. Jack didn’t really mind being on the streets though he knew he’d need money for survival and for food so he thought about getting a job at a local UFC gym. The job was only custodial but in return he would receive cash and free gym access to practice his hand-to-hand combat. Jack figured out the best time of day for him to practice would be at night. Every night he would go out to practice in the alleys of the city but he quickly found out that he could no longer practice at night without disguising himself for he would not want to be discovered by anyone as anything but human. He did not want to be flashy so he would wear all black with a mask that covered his entire face and had no design or face on it. For Jack felt that he had not one face, but many because he could bring various objects to life. He knew should the day come when he was given the opportunity to be the hero he had always wanted to become, he would need a name. That name was the Surge.

*I tried drawing my superhero and failed miserably. The image above is the closest thing I could find to what I wanted to draw. Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading all of your superhero posts.


One thought on “My Superhero

  1. Aw, you should draw Surge anyway. Even if the results are stick-figurish!

    Interesting origin story… maybe you could shed some light on the social issues–e.g. social class, single parent families, bullying–that you’re seeking to comment on here?


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