Shadow Hero

It is all about Hanks mom in this comic. Wow, she is funny and great to read about. I find it very interesting that she obsesses so much about her son being something special. I do not think I have read any other comic where there is a parent literally plotting how to make her son into a superhero. It did not matter to her whether Hank would get sick or did not want to participate in yet another one of her stunts because she was hell bent on making him a superhero. She definitely did her research as she tries every trick in the book with hopes of changing poor hank into a super. It is also interesting to see a character who seems so content with life being dragged from frame to frame by his mother in search of something else. I would like to think that if I knew I was not going to die from one of these attempts I would participate. I mean, what do you have to lose. There are elements that make this comic stand out even more and it goes beyond the artwork and dialogue. Hank does not fall into a typical category for superheroes. He also has not experienced that which is most popular in origin stories of superheroes which is the tragedy that motivates them in the first place. What I found most appealing though was the relationship between Hank and the readers. I found his character to be instantly intriguing and entertaining. I think a lot of the credit goes to his mom for that as well. He seems like a normal kid who could relate to many and I think that is why his character is so easy to read about. I am very excited to see what happens in the rest of the graphic novel, and dare I say I might have found my new favorite comic authors. Thanks for reading.


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