Shadow Hero

I already stated in my last post that I thought Shadow Hero was one of the more fun reads of the semester. Now that I have finished reading I stick to that opinion as well as think that author Gene Luen Yang is an amazing author/creator. In my last post I mentioned that Hank seemed on the fence about becoming a superhero but with the push of this mob boss, Hank definitely realized that justice needed to be served. After his family is threatened Hank decides to stick up for justice. None of this would be possible without proper Chinese fight training though. Again, I am still liking the illustrations as they tend to be the first thing that turns me away from a comic or a graphic novel. I also thought the conversation we had in class to be very interesting about Hank learning to adopt various aspects of both American and Chinese culture. By refusing to kill and instead arresting the man with handcuffs, Hank absolutely went against the grain with his ancestors culture. I think this scene would be one of the more important scenes for a younger person reading this, especially if that person was born first generation American. Though, I also think there is a valid argument for the entire story to be quite influential for those who have had upbringings similar to Hanks, maybe minus the mother exposing her kids to chemicals. Overall I think that this story has all of the ingredients for a complete superhero story. We follow a character that is easily relatable growing up in a world where he is constantly adopting new aspects of his families culture and a new one he was born into, there is a bad mob boss villain, a cool costume and great illustrations that are easy to read with and follow along. I almost forgot that in addition to all of these aspects this story also carries a lot of educational value which is a great selling point.  I really hope that I see more from Gene Luen Yang as I will be watching out for them. Thank you for reading my post.


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