Final Floppy Post

So the last issue of this Legendary Green Hornet series was fun, but not as fun as the first. This third issue however is jam packed with action and from the first page on you are on the edge of your seat. The issue starts with the Green Hornet and Kato tied up and about to meet their demise from one of Tik-Tok’s contraptions. After escaping the two try and figure out where the infamous veiled lady resides as well as who put a bounty on their heads. This issue is filled with witty and clever dialogue, much more than the previous issues. I noticed something very interesting though and that it that Mae, when addressing Kato, spells his name “Kato” on one page and on the next it was “Cato”. I am unable to determine the significance of this as I only saw this once. Maybe it was just a typo and I am over thinking it. In this issue the Green Hornet and Kato are summoned by a Hornet signal, similar to the bat symbol only with a hornet logo. I both loved and hated this as I am a big Batman fan and thought that the symbol in the night sky should only be Batman’s, but I know that is not fair. I remember slightly in the last issue this veiled lady answered to a weird ghostly voice that kept saying  “souls”. She would address it as her husband but even in this issue the story did not go far enough for me to see who it actually is. I really liked this issue from the start but there are a couple of things that bothered me. First of all, maybe I am too critical, but even though the two heroes were tied up destined to meet their doom on the very first page of the issue, I did not think for one second that they would actually meet their ends. I think that this is an issue in films as well as there are many films that will start with their main character, or hero in a life threatening situation with hopes of exciting the crowd. The problem is, if the main characters were to die within the first couple of minutes of the film, where do you go from there. It is unrealistic and it took away from the scene. Not every comic or film can be like Game of Thrones, offing main characters whenever they feel it necessary, or not. Secondly, it almost seems as if the dialogue is becoming more and more faint. Maybe this issue had more action scenes causing it to be more visual then anything, but after reading this issue I felt as though I had only read a handful of pages with dialogue. I definitely am going to keep up with this series as I am know very much invested and most of all need to see who the veiled lady’s husband is! I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who loves the steam punk theme and enjoys quick reads with a great story. Thank you for reading my post. Looking forward to all of your comments.


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